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Our guests share their appreciation & experiences 

Most of our guests choose INCA on the recommendations of our former travelers. There is no better way to learn about an INCA adventure than to hear it from those who have traveled with us. Read for yourself what our guests have to say about their INCA experience.


Exceeding expectations

"One word: FABULOUS!!!! It was by far, one of the best trips I've taken! Truly spectacular — from the boat, to the food, Rob — the diversity of islands, wildlife — I had THE BEST time and I'm so excited about promoting the destination!! I'm working on sorting through my 1800 pictures and will send you a few…I got some amazing shots!" - Nicole Fernandez, Santa Fe, NM

"We have enjoyed our journey, met new friends and been greatly enriched by this experience. We had a very good feeling from our initial contact with you and the other staff members at INCA...and our expectations have been surpassed." — Fred and Joy, FL

"We have traveled quite a bit — to Europe, Africa, Mexico, S.E. Asia, Russia multiple times — plus throughout the states and elsewhere. We rate this trip among our very best. It was way beyond our expectations!" — Paul and Jan Michaelson, Sarasota, FL

"All personnel first met and then exceeded all of my expectations. You people do an outstanding job. I would gladly recommend your company to anyone." James Ford, Newbury Park, CA

"The entire INCA trip was outstanding. We appreciated the quality of all aspects- hotels, boats and people. We paid for a great experience and received full value." David Morse, Bellingham, WA

"The highlight was Explora in Patagonia. Everything was exceptional. They anticipated any needs, met them, exceeding all our expectations. The lodge is beautiful, hikes spectacular, service wonderful. A+++ I really truly cannot wait to find a time to go back! Transfers were smooth-such a relief when traveling somewhere where we don't speak the language. This was a great vacation to do as a family- we could move at our own pace, come together in the evenings." — Sabra Thorner, New York, NY

It's in the details

"Paul McFarling was suberp! Crew were excellent-very nice and obviously a great team- really helpful with fitting me out with snorkeling equipment, a walking stick, etc. On leaving the Waved Albatross colony the group ahead of us from another company had lots of trouble getting into their panga. Our group- with our panga much better positioned, got aboard in about a third of the time. A tiny example, but typical of the whole trip." Elaine Cook, High Wycombe, Bucks, UK

"As you can tell, this was a trip of a lifetime for me and I congratulate INCA for your excellent organization and attention to detail." — Emily Kaune, Nederland, CO

"The entire trip was terrific from start to finish! Everyone was extremely attentive to our needs, friendly and knowledgeable." — Susan Petry, Durham, NC

"Trip was outstanding throughout. Everything was organized smoothly and thoroughly. Integrity is a fabulous yacht and the guide and crew couldn't have been greater." — Darrell Grinstead, Rehoboth Beach, DE

"Our guide was superior in every respect- beyond superior! Absolutely no complaints- would highly recommend experience to anyone. The captain and crew of Integrity -superb! Our 25 year old son thoroughly enjoyed himself. All of the excursions were well planned and executed. Always safe." — Carlton and Joyce King, Atlanta, GA

"We have traveled abroad many times but cannot say we have learned as much on those trips as on the Galapagos trip." — Kendall Page, Chapel Hill, NC

Fellow travelers

"We have enjoyed our journey, met new friends and been greatly enriched by this experience. We had a very good feeling from our initial contact with you and the other staff members at INCA...and our expectations have been surpassed. The entire staff gave our little group a special send off dinner last evening and we all had the opportunity to reflect on our most memorable moments. Of course, we are all different with diverse backgrounds and experiences, but we now share a common bond and will remember for some time this very special journey." — Fred and Joy, FL

Our guides, your teachers

"Our guide Paul was the best! He is an excellent teacher and has a wealth of information. I would return just to have him be the guide. The Integrity was a great surprise and 1st class all the way. The crew was great and made the whole family feel welcome." Todd Jarrell, Columbus, GA

"Our guide, Paul McFarling was wonderful. He has sent us our island map and itinerary today, by email. What a great surprise to hear from him." Pat Eitner, Port Hope, MI

"Jeremy our guide in Cuzco, Urubamba and Machu Picchu was exceptional. He brought the places alive with his passion and knowledge!" — Jillian and Nestor, NY

"Outstanding trip from start to finish. I would especially like to comment on our guide in Cuzco and Machu Picchu, Gabrielashe was professional and caring. Her love of the country and its people was obvious." — Bob Thayer, Mount Desert, ME

"Our guide Anna Maria was a real pro, both at leading and guiding. She was thoughtful, helpful, upbeat, honest, delightful and interesting and she obviously has been doing this for years and knows her stuff! She is a 4-star trip leader! Chinchero Market was fascinating and the weaving demonstration very interesting." — Connie Dickenson, Winnetka, FL

"I had an absolutely wonderful time! Our guide Tanya was out of this world. The other passengers were great and the Galapagos is one of my favorite places in the world!" — Kristen Graff-Baker, Lafayette, CA

"Zeek was superb- a great guide, good planning, always there, helpful when needed, fun to be with. Enjoyed his presence and help at meals, on excursions, hiking. A 10+ for Zeek!" — Jacques Adler, Palo Alto, CA

"I can't say enough about Richard Polatty. A consummate guide the likes of which I've never seen before. Deeply knowledgeable about everything Galapagos but never overbearing. A wonderfully outgoing personality helps a lot too. He obviously loves what he's doing." — Peter Kibbee, Washington, DC

"Exceptional is the only term that comes to mind for both. Richard has indeed encyclopedic knowledge about the Galapagos and other subjects. Linda is a world renowned expert in her field. I think it is fair to say that we were very fortunate to be able to make our first visit to the Galapagos under the guidance of such gifted people." — Claude and Fabrizia Ostfeld, Milan, Italy


"The pattern of the day was perfect, Richard was incredible, the snorkeling divine, and the crew so, so appreciated. What a wonderful group of people to take care of us, and we certainly did feel pampered and well cared for. So incredible having those gentle, respectful, good natured young men help us at every step." — Ellen Hayward, Fayetteville, AR

"Zulema took very good care of us in Quito. She met out plane on our first arrival even though it was 6 hrs late! All of our guides were great. The Integrity could not have been better and the food and service was exceptionalsame at Sacha Lodge. Everyone we came in contact with went out of their way to make our stay comfortable. Great trip!!! " — Martha Ford, Newbury Park, CA

Private Journeys/Charters

"Just a note to tell you how wonderful our Galapagos trip with INCA was. The yacht, the crew, our naturalists, Rod and Paul, the land excursions----everything was perfect!!! We sing the praises of INCA to all who will listen. Thank you for creating a most memorable and enjoyable experience for the 16 members of our family!!!"—Lorna and Chuck Reed, San Marino, CA (Private Galapagos Journey on "Integrity")

"It really couldn’t have been better! Thank you so much for all of your hard work- it really made for an awesome family trip!" Richard Halliday, Orinda, CA (Private Alaska Journey: Katmailand, Denali and the Inside Passage)

Why Galapagos with INCA

"Wonderful trip from the place itself, to the attentive and friendly crew on the boat and the excellent guides Daniel Fitter and Paul McFarling. The Inca staff who facilitated the transfers were very helpful and efficient." Kyra Arnott, Gloucestershire, Stroud, UK

"Our trip was fabulous in every way! Our guides and naturalists were informative, well spoken, patient and good humored. Our drivers were courteous, prompt and pleasant. Hotel accommodations were clean and efficient when that was the requirement; lush and well appointed when we wanted more. Integrity stood out in the water! Beautiful with a crew to match. Service and food were 4 star. I highly recommend INCA!" Carol Anderson, Bellingham, WA

"There is no one else to go with to the Galapagos Islands. INCA and the Integrity are simply the best!" Janine Whitney, Tuxedo Park, NY

"My husband Bob and I had a fantastic time, and we absolutely loved the Integrity. Our guide was outstanding, and the crew was all extremely friendly and eager to please. Our cabin was spacious and most comfortable, and the meals served on board were delicious. We loved visiting the different islands, and seeing all the wildlife was the experience of a lifetime." Judy Leet, Belvedere, CA

"My favorite part: too numerous to mention. I liked the whole thing, but the hot air balloon ride and the dinner at Priene were certainly memorable and unique!" — David Moccia, Cincinnati, OH

"I have always wanted to go to the Galapagos Islands. I am an evolutionary biologist so Darwin has factored largely in my education and thinking. The INCA Float tour was PERFECT – great crew, personable and knowledgeable guide, excellent walking tours, good mix of 'classroom' lectures, spectacular scenery and snorkeling!!" Susan Mathieu, Vancouver, BC

"A wonderful trip! Integrity is a truly first class boat with a wonderful crew. Inca Floats provided an equally first class service and we can't praise them enough. Thank you. Thank you." Julia and Jeremy Posnansky, London, UK

Lots of gratitude...

"We just got back home last night. I can't tell you how much we enjoyed the trip!!! It was fabulous from beginning to end. It really was the vacation of a lifetime for us.

Everything ran so smoothly from our pick up at the airport, to the lovely Hilton in Quito, to our great tour of the city on Good Friday, to our lovely lunch and dinner there.

Our guide Ximena was terrific. We loved her. The boat and the crew were wonderful as well. They were all so fun and caring. The sights were just as spectacular as we had expected but it would not have been so much fun if it were not for all the great people.

INCA does such a great job of running these trips so efficiently. We saw so much of the islands. And all the precious wild life we hoped to see.

You gave us good advice on what to bring. We felt like we had everything we needed.

Well I'm sure you get these notes all the time but I wanted you to know how much we appreciate all INCA does both to let us tourists see this wonderful place and yet to protect that place as much as possible. It is a narrow line that you walk. Also our guide in Quito was terrific...Marcia. She gave us a real appreciation for the culture of Ecuador as a whole.

Thanks for everything. I could not have improved on a single aspect of the tour. "

Dr. and Mrs. Hartwell, Grosse Ile, MI

"WOW!!!! What an incredible trip......truly a trip of a lifetime! All of us agreed that this was the best run trip of any trip any of us had ever been on and that everything FAR exceeded our expectations. The guides ran like clockwork and were incredibly efficient. The people at the Hilton couldn't have been nicer and more accommodating. They allowed all of us to keep our room until 7 p.m. on our last day in Quito - which allowed us to explore the city and really get a much better feel for the city. They even arranged for us to rent a van and driver who drove the Reeves-Stewart-Mansfield crew around for the afternoon and showed us the old town, the churches, and the cable car ride to the top of the mountain.

The Royal Palm was fabulous - a beautiful hotel in a beautiful setting. Daniel was a perfect host and delighted us with stories of the Galapagos and toured us thru the migrating tortoises, the Darwin Research Center and the harbor town. We couldn't believe how much we had seen and done even before we boarded the Integrity! Our son even commented that he couldn't believe how much he had seen even before boarding!

And where to begin on our Integrity experience? I can't say enough about Rod and the entire crew of the boat - they were superb! The meals were gourmet and simply delicious. The service was incredible. Every need was met.....and then some! We couldn't believe how nice it was to be greeted with a cold wet towel and a cold drink each time we returned from a jaunt......just those little touches were so appreciated and so welcome! We loved our informational sessions each evening - Rod was a wealth of information and so wonderfully personable with everyone. The kids adored him - he was so sweet to them and inclusive.....(though I have to say that we have good kids!)

I don't know how you managed, but we had a great group that got along famously. The Laportes were a delightful family and Elinor and Lynn were great travel companions. I'm sure the mix isn't always as compatible, but this group did wonderfully well together.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I could go on and on and on. We've all come back and agreed that we want to explore other travel opportunities with IncaFloats - and you can rest assured, the word will be out in Atlanta that Inca is the way to go to the Galapagos!!! We couldn't imagine going with a bigger group or on a bigger boat - it was the perfect trip! And we've got over 1400 pictures to prove it!!!!"

Cathy Enright and Walton Reeves, Atlanta GA