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A Most Important Element 

INCA guide talking about evolution and the life cycle of the sea turtle.Our discerning travelers know that the most important element in any nature or cultural adventure is an outstanding guide. They are a traveler's window into the land, the people, the history, the animals, the experience.

Exceptional Teachers

When you travel with International Nature and Cultural Adventures (INCA), you are assured of spending time with exceptional teachers that we carefully select to help you learn about the incomparable flora, fauna, and rich cultural histories of the places we visit.

Our guides share scientific and historical knowledge blended with insights and humorous tidbits gained through years of interpreting the natural and cultural history of these remote, special places. Articulate and personable, our guides are fun, too!

On their return home, INCA's travelers rave about their joyous adventures and particularly about their outstanding guides.

Richard Polatty

INCA guide Richard Polatty socializing, Deep South styleRichard is our Galápagos Guide Coordinator, managing our guiding schedule and helping our guides with maintaining our commitment to excellence.

Richard has been guiding exclusively for INCA's Galápagos Island trips since 1990. He began guiding in the Galápagos in 1985 and quickly gained our attention with rave reviews.

Richard has also been guiding expeditions in Antarctica for over 20 years. He has been an expedition leader on four different ships and is a veteran of over 55 round trips to the Antarctic. Additionally, he has done research with the Antarctic Site Inventory for Oceanites (funded by the National Science Foundation). Richard is our exclusive guide on all our Antarctic Expeditions.